Jasminka Maravić


Jasminka Maravić is Project Manager at CARNET Department for Education Support. During her 19 years in CARNET, she has been involved in various national and EU projects related to integration of ICT in education. She is experienced online tutor at CARNET E-learning Tutoring programme. Her experiences result with organizational skills, as well as digital competencies and expertise in online and f2f teaching. She graduated in Sociology and Pedagogy at University of Zagreb and is currently attending a PhD program in Information Science at University of Zadar, Croatia. Her professional and scientific interests are related to the strategies of opening up education through new technologies. She has participated in numerous domestic and international conferences.


  • Communication in the research process – a prerequisite and result of research

    Introduction During the pandemic, the research and development team within the Department for Education Support of the Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET conducted research on the implementation of distance learning. In this paper, the selected methodological approach will be presented with an emphasis on communication supported by digital technologies, which was necessary during […]

  • Poster session

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