PubmetRUN 2022 results

PubmetRUN almost did not happen this year because of bad weather forecast but there were some extra motivated runners among conference participants and thanks to Juan Pablo Alperin, who gathered a group of 12, PubmetRUN turned into ‘happy go lucky’ successful run. We are very thankful to Pablo that the tradition of PUBMET running didn’t stop this year and for that − he will get his reward! 😊

PubmetRUN was thus held on 16 September 2022 at 7:15AM.

We would really like to thank you all for participating! We know it’s hard to motivate yourself to run this early in the morning!

Also, we would really like to thank the online participant who ran the virtual race alone and sent us her Strava log by e-mail.

The winner of this year’s PubmetRUN is Niels Stern who was not only the fastest runner on Friday, but he ran another run the next day. We are sharing his Strava results with you.

Niels won free PUBMET participation for next year!!

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