Danijela Pongrac

  • Zagreb University of Applied Science

Danijela Pongrac graduated in 1998 from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at University of Zagreb. She began her career as the manager of a private company’s education department, where she planned and delivered professional training for administrators, system and network engineers. She has been working at Zagreb University of Applied Science (TVZ) since 2006, initially as the manager of professional education in network technologies and as the test center administrator at the TVZ Center for Lifelong Learning. She worked as an assistant doing laboratory teaching for courses in network technologies, application programs, and office organization from 2007 until 2011. Postgraduate doctoral studies at the Faculty of Philosophy began in 2011, the area of interest and doctoral work is Knowledge Management. She has been a lecturer at the department of information and computer science since 2012, where she teaches several courses in the field of application systems. From 2012, she also works as a professional pedagogical leader and manager of the VUE testing at the Center for Lifelong Learning, where she is involved in a number of projects. She attended professional and scientific conferences throughout her time at TVZ, where she produced several professional articles in the field of network technologies and scientific publications in the field of Knowledge Management.


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