Charlotte Wien

  • University of Southern Denmark

Dr. Charlotte Wien is a professor of Scholarly Communication at the University of Southern Denmark. Dr. Wien has a cross disciplinary background and has held faculty positions within both Humanities, Social Sciences, Library and Information Science and Health.


  • Up and down the Ivory Tower

    The ‘Ivory Tower’ is a metaphor being used to describe an elitist and self-sufficient research culture, which is relatively indifferent to the extent to which the conducted research is useful for the surrounding society, and whether the surrounding society is informed about the research and its results. Outside the tower, in contrast, citizen science is carried out, presentations are given at community centers, interviews are given to journalists, exhibitions are held, popular science articles are written, all to make the research understandable and digestible outside the tower. Over the past 50 years, scientists have alternately been chased up and down from the so-called Ivory Tower.

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