SESSION 5 • Assessing the quality of research process, research outputs and publication channels

MODERATORS – Johan Rooryck and Juan Pablo Alperin

Invited speaker:
Charlotte Wien
Up and down the Ivory Tower


12:30-12:40 GMT+2
Niels Stern
Developing a peer review information service for monographs 

12:40-12:50 GMT+2
Vladimir Otašević
The usage of open infrastructures for alternative assessing the quality of research outputs

12:50-13:00 GMT+2
Radovan Vrana
The incentives and rewards in scholarly communication: the good, the bad and the possible

13:00-13:10 GMT+2
Mario Malički, Ana Jerončić, Gerben ter Riet, Lex Bouter, John P.A. Ioannidis, Ijsbrand Jan Aalbersberg and Steven N. Goodman
Elucidating the effects of peer review by conducting a living synthesis of studies on manuscript changes


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