Managing the Open Access publication process: Bentham Science and Research Square | sponsor workshop

Gareth Dyke Research Square Company
July Kim Bentham Science

Come learn about Bentham Science Open for journals and e-books and get insights about Managing the Open Access Publication Process. This presentation will focus on helping you understand the publication process, from how to submit a scientific paper through to how to manage your interactions with editors and reviewers to maximize your chances of a successful high-impact outcome for your research. 

As a result of this course learners will understand:

  • how to effectively submit scientific papers;
  • write highly effective cover letters;
  • select effective and suitable reviewers;
  • ensure your work has the highest possible chance of getting published in your target journal;
  • how to effectively communicate with editors and what they expect from authors and reviewers, and;
  • maximize the impact of your research after publication.

 Course Content

 The stages of publication

  • what editors expect from submissions
  • navigating formatting requirements
  • an amazing cover letter – details and selling your work
  • initial review and how to survive
  • ensure your papers gets out for peer-review
  • dealing with peer-review comments, especially those you disagree with
  • managing your editor
  • revisions: how to do the most effective job while making the least number of changes
  • surviving rejection
  • how to make complaints if you feel unfairly treated

Audience: all researchers but especially ECRs and librarians.

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